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Littleborough Flood Resilience Group


The flood resilience group is a sub group of Littleborough Civic Trust and was formed following the serious flood event in Littleborough on Boxing Day 2015. The aim of the group is to keep the people of Littleborough informed of all aspects of flood resilience and to provide refuge for anybody who may be unfortunate enough to need evacuation in the case of a future flood event. The group is mentored by a member of the National Flood Forum and has contact with other flood groups around the country to share advice and experiences.

August 2019

On Wednesday 14th August the group were on Blackstone Edge in the general area known locally as High Peak or Lydgate working with the Environment Agency; Rochdale Council and River Ribble Trust, installing several water volume monitoring devices for run-off water from the moorland which ultimately ends up in Littleborough. Once the agencies are satified with the devices are correctly located and acheiving their intended purpose they will then hand them over to the group to monitor at regular intervals