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Latest info re meetings due to Covid-19

As it became more apparent that life would not return to normal for the foreseeable future we decided that, to make progress on matters, it was advantageous to purchase a Zoom licence to enable us to hold virtual meetings. The next one scheduled for 7pm on 13th April 2021. If you are not a committee member but wish to join a meeting please use the contact form under the 'Contact' tab at the top of the page, or email us: littleboroughcivictrust@gmail.com

The Trust and Save the Greenbelt Group have produced a document to highlight concerns over the various planning proposals for the area.

Please click here to view the document.

Latest news on AKZO site.

At a meeting with Littleborough Civic Trust on 28th October 2019, Homes England (H.M. Govt. Housing & Communities Agency) regarding the future of the former Akzo Nobel site Hollingworth Rd., Littleborough, clarified that they were planning to carry out a renewed Coal Mining Risk Assessment, Traffic Assessment and Ecology survey of the site in the next few months.

This will form a part of a Technical Pack for developers to bid for the site. The selected developer will take the site forward to a full planning application in spring 2021. Homes England will work with the selected developer to comply with the Local Planning Authorities policy on Affordable Housing.

Homes England is committed to continuing to discuss the scheme with Littleborough Civic Trust to ensure community engagement during the planning and delivery process.

It would appear, from the outcome of the meeting that they (H.E) have taken heed of the Civic Trust’s information and concerns and that they are beginning the process again in its entirety.

We have to recognise the fact that it is actually a brownfield site and does not impinge on any green belt land.

However, that does not detract from the fact that Littleborough’s infrastructure remains totally inadequate in many aspects and thus, if residential development is the focus then our concerns are valid..


In Memory of Brian Holden

Founder member Rochdale Canal Society who gave his time and passion to ensure everyone’s enjoyment of the Rochdale Canal